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GFS is a gluten free NPD and consultancy company located in the UK and France .founded in 2012 by nutritionalist, Jane Clarke. GFS researches, develops, produces and delivers exceptional quality gluten free food, which looks and tastes on par with its wheat equivilents without ever compromising on taste!

1. GFS Indentifies opportunities and gaps in the Gluten Free & Free From market, and
  then develops bespoke products to fulfill consumer damnd and expectations.

2. The selected recipes are scaled up commercially in conjunction with client criteria
  and produced in accordane with current EU and UK legislations.

3. GFS offers a full Gluten Free Consultancy Service for national food service and .
  retail establishments in the UK, France, Belgium and Spain.

4. GFS does not pass on R&D costs to its Food Service clients.

5. GFS can modify most recipes to be free from other allegens too.

6.. GFS NEVER EVER develops gluten free food which compromises on taste! (* If a GFS
  recipe doesn't taste or look as good or better than its wheat equivilent, it is either
  rejected or reworked until it does).
  *To ensure optimun results, xanthan gum is omitted and only premium gluten
  free ingredients are used.

GFS have carefully hand picked some of the best UK and European gluten free contract manufacturers to scale up the recipes commercially and to incorporate their client's specific criteria. The gluten free manufacturer is then paired with the finished product. which best suits their production logistics, geographics, demographics and operations

GFS has a consultancy division to help its clients ensure delilvery of gluten free foods which have not been cross contaminated in their kitchens.customers in the delivery of none cross contamination conditions in commercial kitchens.

GFS's clients include blue chip companies who are passionate about good food and meeting and addressing consumers' dietary needs. They recognise that even in times of austerity how important it is to increase sales by catering for everyone. .





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