Is there a Preventative?

Is there an antidote for celiac/coeliac disease ?


According to medical practitioners, there is no antidote. However, there is a veggie food supplement; ‘Glutenenzmye Plus' which if taken '10 minutes' before eating a meal which contains gluten, allegedly , breaks the gluten down before it reaches the gut. Incredibly, the few times we have expermented with it it, it has worked (in that 'glutening' symptoms did not manifest).

*GFS has no medical qualifications. We do not know why this product seems to work or what research and development has been carried out in this regard, nor its long or short term side effects. if this product is of interest, we would respectfully respect that you conduct your own independent research and not rely on our findings which were not scientifically tested..


Help! I have been glutened, what can I take to help?


No two people are ever the same, but many swear by peppermint tea which medicinal qualities are known to relieve bloated tummies, diaarroah, tummy ache, IBS and many other digestive complaints. The effect of peppermint helps the stomach muscles move the food along the digestive tract and can be of massive relief to sufferers of some digestive disorders. Peppermint capsules are available on prescription for IBS sufferers. However,they are unsuitable for those suffering from digestive reflux as the taste of the peppermint can make the condition worse, Its advisable to seek medical advise if in doubt.

peppermint tea

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